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Founder Bill Smyth created his first Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in 1989, leading the way in a then almost non-existent Canadian industry. At the time, the American PEO industry was gaining traction due to advancements in benefits and a comparatively low amount of government and regulatory hurdles.

In Canada, PEO’s faced pushback from insurers who didn’t understand the business and government bodies who wouldn’t validate the concept - even prospective clients had a hard time developing an understanding of PEOs and their benefits. Because of this, Bill focused on payroll outsourcing for many years while also serving those PEO clients who could see early value in the service.

As years passed, the industry shifted and both government and insurers warmed to the idea of PEOs. Many organizations calling themselves PEOs have since opened in Canada, but due to the nature of Workers Compensation and Health Care legislation, they often choose to pass on liability to their clients, removing the level of protection and peace of mind that accompanies a true PEO. has not shirked this important responsibility, but instead worked with both Government bodies and insurers to ensure compliance and remove the risk of responsibility and liability for our clients. To this day we support our clients with hassle-free, risk-mitigated services, while offering employees competitive benefits and workers compensation plans, attracting and retaining quality talent.

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