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That is the question that the National Federation of Independent Business in the US recently asked. Their answer was yes, particularly for small businesses. They mentioned that there is a "way to hire employees, manage them, direct their daily activities and yet not have to bother with the tedious and sometimes overwhelming administrative tasks related to payroll, workers' comp, benefits, and the like". They refer to employee leasing, which is what a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) does such as (OPC).

A PEO should ensure that the employee(s) they are leasing is being paid and managed in compliance with the various pieces of legislation in their jurisdiction of employment. In Canada that includes in particular Employment Standards (there are 14 jurisdictions to worry about), the Canada Labour code in some instances, Workers Compensation rules and regulations, Canada Revenue Agency, Québec if you need an employee in that Province and Privacy legislation. In addition, there are group benefits including extended health plans, registered retirement plans, life insurance and long term disability which a good PEO can provide you with . is a one stop shop for all of this. Learn more about our services and solutions.

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