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No, all employees are eligible for coverage under's group benefits plan.

Yes, Canada does have a National Health Plan, but it doesn’t cover many items including:

  • dental
  • vision care
  • prescription drugs
  • private nursing
  • private accommodation in hospitals
  • travel medical insurance

With a PEO, the risks and management costs related to the handling of employees and dealing with government rules and regulations are removed.

Under a PEO, you still retain the control over the hiring of who you like,  the control over the day to day functioning of the employee, the operational reporting and performance of the employee and the termination of the employee.

Initially the concept must be explained to the employee by both you and the PEO. It has become well established that once the employee understands the relationships, they in fact enjoy being able to work with an independent party when it comes to HR and benefits questions in particular.  They also appreciate having an in-country resource.

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