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1.833.PEO.2255 uses an experience driven, time-tested approach to ensure the set-up process is achieved efficiently and accurately. Our knowledgeable staff maneuvers all legal, compliance and quality checks and balances so you can hire the best candidate - hassle free.

Initial Meeting With You

  • Discuss your options/requirements.
  • Provide a walk-through of our solution/services.
  • Review set-up process.
  • Provide key information regarding operations in Canada.
  • Learn about key contacts.

Your responsibility

  • Sign the proposal/contract.
  • Provide Information required.
  • Approve the content of Offer Letters, Employee Handbook and Termination letters.
  • Review reports as needed.

Our responsibility

  • Gather your information.
  • Set-up your solution.
  • Correspond with the employee(s).
  • Ensure regulations and guidlines are adhered to.
  • Process information received from you and provide reporting.
  • Assign a dedicated administrator to you.


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